Past Updates

July 07th
The last DVD volume of Mike Young Productions "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" is coming August 5th!

On an unexpected note, the DVD Volume 3 will have an digital comic adaption of the unproduced episode 40!! :) This in my mind is the best special feature that they have done so far!!!

Also you should check out Zenescope Entertainment and their title The Piper which tells the story of the pied piper, with lot of twists in classic Grimm Fairy Tales fashion.

Cover #3 exclusive version was drawn by Dave Hoover and coloured by yours truly!!!! So definitely go check it out!!

June 25th
Exciting times folks!

Mattel is bringing back He-Man figures and many more (POP, NA) under a new line "Masters of the Universe Classics"!!!
First figure is King Grayskull and he will be an exclusive to San Diego Comic Convention. At the convention, Mattel will release more info about the upcoming line, and who might be featured in the first wave.

I'm an excited fanboy right now, to see MotU coming back!! With a classic flair!!

And with my own projects...

Like earlier I worked with Boo on a comic project for Expansion Comics and a little snippet for Super Real Graphics, there is yet another project in the works called Pulp GirlsTM. What that project is about, I can't reveal yet, but soon all shall be revealed.

First up in new artworks is Rap Poster #2 from Boo and me. This time I had lot of fun playing with the mood-setting that the client was asking for.

Here below is first of many commission-works about Jungle Girl in general. Really liking drawing babes in scanty clothes, with lush environment setting the backdrop.

And also trying my hands at emulating the classic Filmation-studios cartoon-style.
Showing my work-in-progress of Fisto & Stridor, as they were many times paired together in classic toybox-art and mini-comics. Yet they never met onscreen in the cartoon, so I wanted to see how it would look like. I am really inexperiencer drawing animals, horses in particular so Stridor was a challenge. I'll render this some more and give it a good backround and post the final product here as I get it done.

March 4th
Hiya folks!!

Yeah so I got an PayPal-address. If you want to donate to support me, that'd be fantastic. I'm planning on having some sketch-commissions done for cheap price, but will post details about it in the future.

I also found myself on IMDB which was a great suprise.

Oh and you can also find info about me at ComicBook Database under the alias 'Jukka'. And nowdays too at MySpace.

But now....onto the new art-works!
More collaborations with my bro Boo and more illustrations from me using the pen-tool in my Photoshop CS.

Boo came up to me with an commissioned rap-poster that needed colour, and it sounded like a fun challenge, so I went for it. Turned out to be a total blast. Unfortunately I can't reveal much about our client, but am able to show the work we produced.

Below is my own art made about Dexter's Laboratory with Dexter imagining his babysitter as a crew-member on Star Trek. =)

Coloured an comic-page for Jason Martin for his latest issue Super Real Special #2: Super Real vs. The Movie Industry and the whole book is definitely worth checking out.


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