December 9th
Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Can now show you guys couple more projects me and Boo have been working on.

First one is some work for Studio Cougar Ltd. that is creating a comic about giant-transforming robots, with the main character being Cougar, an explorer and his nemesis Fenrir. Boo has done a LOT of character designs and I've been fortunate to help in the process with some colours.
Simon Furman has written the script for the first issue, in development for 2008 release. He talks about the project on his blog-site and showcases a preview-image of Cougar-lithograph poster Jeremy Tiongson drew and I coloured. In his past news there are also two pics shown that me and Boo did.

Boo and I did a 11-page comic Star Child where the heroine Bobbi needs to stop an evil villain from blasting innocent women with her wicked magic-staff. To read the comic you should visit Expansion Comics.

Learned also a new trick with my Photoshop CS. Finally I can control my lines better and may start tinkering with digital inking. But for now, I give you Kim Possible in a snowy situation.

October 31st
WOW!!! A lot of stuff has happened since I last got to update my website.

Well, first of all, I'm now living with my lovely girlfriend in our own home and while busy with a day-job, still working on digital colours and commissions for you. :)

Thiago Afonso Silva did a fantastic illustration of Captain America vs. Iron Man from the "civil war" saga. I had to colour it. Made a mistake though by colouring Cap's neck bare. Visit Thiago's Blogspot-page.

Leanne Hannah, another good friend of mine, asked me to colour her Stratos-illustration. You can see it on her DeviantArt-page's journal-heading. :)

Me and my bro Boo have been doing a whole lot of work together, I'll tell some of it soon, but the latest works have been a memoriam-piece for Mike Wieringo June 24, 1963 - Aug 12, 2007. Everyone who really knew him have been saying a lot of great things about him, and I only knew him of his reputation for being a hard-working feet-to-earth type of guy. May he rest in peace.

You gotta see Cereal:Geek-magazine issue #2!! It's really terrific and there will be a 3rd and 4th issue soon according to James "Busta Toons" Eatock at Cereal:Geek's Blogspot.

Did this piece of Evil Warriors Tri-Klops, Trap-Jaw and Faker for issue #2. Also I uploaded an image of Lion-O, that was supposed appear in earlier issue, but was cut in the editing-process. Illustrations by Boo.

Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2007 Everybody!
I drew Lois from "Family Guy" dressing up as Sheila from "Dungeons & Dragons".

April 9th

Pencils by: Jon Landry
Inks by: Derek Fridols
and colours by me. ;)


December 2nd
Hello folks!! Been a while for now, since my last update.

And finally I can reveal something about it to you guys! :D

Been in with this project from my dear friend James "Busta Toons" Eatock and he has now gotten a website up and running about it, letting you guys in for some sneak preview...so go immediatly to Cereal:Geek.Com and be sure to add yourself to the mailing-list!

September 8th
I have...ever since I was a kid, always loved those old-time illustrations in children's books...the ones in water-colour or markers or whatever (would be almost a dream one day to illustrate a children's book).

But since something like Copic-markers are really expensive, and I simply haven't found them in Finland via art-stores...I decided to see if I could produce a similar look with Paint Shop Pro.

You can see even my step-by-step process of it at DeviantArt, where I hear it went to be one of the most popular-ones in today's ratings! :)

The other drawing is a fan-created character by LupaLuna, with illustration by Nathan Baertsch.

August 28th
Allrighty then! Remember that Supergirl-drawing I coloured few months back? Of course you do. Now, the people at AlRioArt.Com seemed to like my colours, so they paid me for this new Sailor Chick-image. :)

Remember to visit Al Rio's website, cause there are some lovely drawings in there. :)

And on another fine note, my DeviantArt-gallery managed to acquire 5'555 Page-Hits mark, and thus I had my good friend Russ draw me one of my favourite toon-characters...Gaia from Captain Planet and the Planeteers-show.

August 22nd
First coloured image is Daniel Campos' pin-up of Jason Martin's Super Real-comic characters and it was fun to work upon. Second piece is Mary Jane-sketch by Andy Tong, and his website is worth checking out.

August 16th
I really enjoy artist called funeralwind's work at DeviantArt immensily. His latest work is Mai Shiranui.

April 23rd
Super Real Graphics -website held an pin-up contest for their comic "Super Real", which ended last weekend. I am very much pleased to announce, that Russ Platt won it with his entry! :)

Though here it hits home, folks.... from three different colour-versions of this winning piece, Jason Martin (creator of the book) will be using... My version in the printed issue. Yay!

The 3rd issue of Super Real will be available to purchase from Comic Book Shops AUGUST 2006 via Diamond Order Code MAR06 3379 and there will also be a Cover B by Hector Sevilla, the artist/creator of hit-success "Lullaby"-comic series.

The comic got reviewed over at Paperback Reader by Dan Head, and Russ' drawing was also showcased there. :)

This will be the first time that an artwork with my touch on it, will be published outside my own country in a publication as something "official". For I don't count fan-art to be much to brag about as published, since it usually doesn't get screened.

April 22nd
Jamie Fay contacted me about his Wonder Girl -Redesign and after taking a look at it, I couldn't resist colouring it.
I've also for the first time coloured an Al Rio-artwork, and though there are many drawings that I wouldn't mind colouring, this Supergirl-piece appealed to me most.

March 21st
Latest colours from JukkArt! I really liked Jonboy Meyers's Spider Woman-drawing so I tried some spiffy colours on it. Hair didn't turn out the way I wanted so I may update that later on. Next pic is the ice-queen Emma Frost. It was made by another friend of mine and I had a lot of fun with it. :)

February 20th
Well I enjoyed making that Supergirl-pic and got a great feedback from it, so I decided to make a Poison Ivy-drawing for a competition and managed to win stuff. :) There is also a great He-Man and She-Ra BLOG by my good friend James Eatock, so in case you're a fan of the series, you will enjoy the tidbit-information there. I coloured couple comic-scans he had in there so go check them out!

February 14th
Happy Valentine's Day!!! If it wasn't the darnest thing, I had a drawing made and needed someone else to colour it for me, and my friend Skelepimp also had a pic for which he needed some colour. I love these kinds of situations! :) The first one is my pencils and his colours, second pic; vice versa.


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